Author & Illustrator

Author: Bridget Schmidt Illustrator: Michael Mojher

Author Bridget Schmidt is all too familiar with the chronic problem of children and nightmares. When her own son continuously woke up in the middle of the night she tried everything. The solution she finally stumbled upon proved so effective that she knew other children (and parents!) would also benefit. Thus, Bayla and the SleepStone was born.

The charming story revolves around the relationship between Bayla the otter and his human friend Joseph Daniel. The gentle otter realizes that the same stones that protect his otter babies at night will help Joseph Daniel keep away the bad dreams that have been tormenting him. Bayla slips a SleepStone under Joseph Daniel's pillow and the next morning the boy happily tells Bayla of his nightmare-free sleep.

Bridget Schmidt has a degree in linguistic anthropology from the University of Florida and is a junior high school teacher.


Illustrator Michael Mojher had always wanted to do a children's book. He had just completed work on a series of otter studies when he was approached to design Bayla. His detailed illustrations add a depth and classic feel to the story. Modeled after his own son, the pictures of Joseph Daniel leap into life; the playful otters are so endearing that you remember their faces long after the book is complete.

Many happy children and their parents have attested to the effectiveness of the story, equipped with a SleepStone and velvet pouch. While its usefulness as a parenting tool cannot be denied, the story and its beautiful illustrations stand on their own as a fine example of children's literature.



Editorial Reviews

Psychologist Sharon McQuaide -"We all loved the book! The story is delightful and the illustrations are enchanting. Plus I love that it is a story about a father who loves and protects his family."

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