Bayla helps a young boy with sleep problems.

Kids Nightmares and Sleep Disorders

Kids who suffer from nightmares and night terrors would love the story of Bayla and the SleepStone.




A dream arousing feelings of intense fear, horror, and distress. An event or experience that is intensely distressing.



Night Terrors :


A sudden awakening in dazed terror that occurs in children during slow-wave sleep, is often preceded by a sudden shrill cry uttered in sleep, and is not remembered when the child awakes called also pavor nocturnus.


From the Author

One day I was reading Bayla and the SleepStone to a group of kindergarten children. At one point in the story, Joseph Daniel describes his bad dream to Bayla. He then asks the otter, "Does this ever happen to you?" A tiny little girl with enormous eyes was sitting at my feet. She looked intently at me and solemnly said, "Yes. All the time." Its for little girls like that, as well as my own son, that I wrote Bayla and the SleepStone. I have received enormous satisfaction from knowing that this simple story has helped hundreds of children feel secure and safe enough to sleep through the night.


Editorial Reviews

Dr. Donald Arnold, Pediatrician and father - "Bayla and the SleepStone cultivates the young child's independent transition to sleep by encouraging the child's ability to fantasize in a positive manner. The magical quality of the story enables the child to overcome fearfulness associated with the developing and often frightening experience of vivid dreams and nightmares. Beautifully illustrated, captivating and developmentally appropriate, the story facilitates a positive bedtime experience for parent and child."

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