Bayla helps a young boy with sleep problems.

Bayla and the SleepStone - comforts your child when bad dreams disrupt sleep.

Children commonly begin having nightmares around three years of age. This natural part of development reflects their growing creative imagination. When a child's day thoughts spill over to their nights it can produce bad dreams. Pediatricians agree that it is important during this time that children feel a sense of independence in their ability to cope with this development.

After reading the story together, the SleepStone should be put in the pouch and placed under your child's pillow. Throughout the night, the SleepStone can give your child a sense of peace, security and a positive image of a goodnight's sleep.

Excerpted from "Bayla and the SleepStone" by Bridget Schmidt. Copyright © 1992. Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved:

"Long ago when animals still could talk, Bayla the otter swam amidst sparkling waters and glistening river stones. Every night before he and his otter babies went to sleep, Bayla would place the prettiest river stones around his children, for he knew that rocks that had survived the tides and torrents would protect his babies from all evils...."

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