Bayla helps a young boy with sleep problems.

Product Details

Bayla and the SleepStone features a kids reading book and a TigerEye SleepStone polished red with touches of silver hematite.

Children commonly begin having nightmares around three years of age. This natural part of development reflects their growing creative imagination but it can produce anxiety for both parent and child alike. We have created Bayla and the SleepStone to help parents deal with this frustrating and worrisome sleep problem.

A delightful, beautifully illustrated story tells of Bayla the otter, who offers a SleepStone to help a young boy having sleep problems find peaceful rest at bedtime. Accompanying the book is a natural polished red tigereye SleepStone contained in a soft drawstring pouch.

After reading the story together, the SleepStone should be put in the pouch and placed under your child's pillow. Throughout the night, the SleepStone can give your child a sense of independence, security and a positive image of goodnight's sleep. We and Bayla hope that the SleepStone works as well for you as it has for us. Pleasant Dreams!

Warning: An important safety message for parents. This product contains a stone that is NOT suitable for children under four years of age or for older children who tend to place things in their mouth.


Editorial Reviews  

Lida F., grandmother Thank you for making my life easier!

Joyce R., mother It has the beautiful feel of a classic.

Sarah H., 7 years old I didn't have any nightmares last night!

Susan Berry, teacher and mother This belongs on the shelf next to Goodnight Moon and Velveteen Rabbit..

Emily F., 5 years old Bayla and the SleepStone is now one of my favorite books!

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