Bayla helps a young boy with sleep problems.

Sample Illustrations

Bayla and Joseph Daniel - the young boy with sleep problems.

Bayla skimmed through the water, rising swiftly next to Joseph Daniel, splashing him. He waited expectantly for his human friend to splash him back, but Joseph Daniel only sat unhappily.

Bayla caters to his babies before sleep time

Every night before he and his otter babies went to sleep, Bayla would place the prettiest stones around his children, for he knew that rocks that had survived the tides and torrents would protect his babies from all evils.


Bayla listens to Joseph Daniel telling him about his wonderful nigth sleep.

"The other shadows all left at the sight of that shadow and didn't come back all night. In the morning I found the most beautiful stone I've ever seen under my pillow. How could it all have happened?"



Pleasant dreams.

Joseph Daniel turned to Bayla, hugged him, and whispered "Thanks for the pleasant dreams."


Editorial Reviews

Maureen Huntington, Superintendent of Schools, Orlando Diocese

"What an enchanting story! You are to be congratulated for a superb job. The story is creative, delightful and clever and has terrific appeal. I'm sure parents all over have had very similar experiences with their own children who have fears of the dark. You have provided a valuable resource for parents and children who face this problem."

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